Are you running your Drug-Free Workplace Program Correctly?

“I’d like to send an employee in for a random drug test.”

We receive requests like this all the time.  It usually means they suspect an employee is using some kind of prohibited substance and they want to send them for a test.  On the surface it seems like a sensible request, however, it’s not truly a random drug test.  In fact, it’s not random at all.  This would be considered a Reasonable Suspicion, which is a legitimate reason to test.

To be a true Random test, names are selected from a pool using a computer-generated program, with each employee having the same chance of being selected (or not selected) with every random draw made.  This way no one can claim the employer is showing favoritism or picking on a particular employee.

Figment Group can provide all aspects of a defensible and effective Drug-Free Workplace program, including your company’s substance abuse/ random selection policies and implementation guidelines, with special consideration of compliance with all the state laws and relevant federal regulations.

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