Mid adult Hispanic male wearing lab coat shrugging, isolated on white backgroundError Correction Training For Urine Collectors and Breath Alcohol Technicians

If you make a mistake in the collection process and/or alcohol testing process that causes a test to be cancelled (i.e., a fatal or uncorrected flaw), you must undergo error correction training. This training must occur within 30 days of the date you are notified of the error that led to the need for retraining. During this 30-day period they may continue to perform DOT collections/breath alcohol testing.

The MRO is responsible for notifying the Urine Collector that error correction training is needed; and in canceling a drug test, will determine if the Urine Collector is at fault. When the MRO reports the cancelled test to the employer, the MRO will note the reason for the cancellation and that, if appropriate, it was the result of collector error. The employer or service agent (e.g., MRO, C/TPA) designated by the employer is responsible for notifying the collection site of the error and the retraining requirement; and for ensuring that the training takes place.

After 30 days have elapsed following the notification to the Urine Collector/Technician of the need to obtain error correction training, the Urine Collector/Technician is no longer qualified to conduct DOT collections until and unless he or she has successfully completed error correction training.
Error correction training must be provided and your proficiency documented in writing by a person who meets the requirements of DOT regulation 40.33 (c)(2). Error correction training is required to cover only the subject matter area(s) in which the error that caused the test to be cancelled occurred.

As part of the error correction training, you must demonstrate your proficiency in the collection procedures of this part by completing three consecutive error-free mock collections. The mock collections must include one uneventful scenario and two scenarios related to the area(s) in which your error(s) occurred. The person providing the training must monitor and evaluate your performance and attest in writing that the mock collections were “error-free.”

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