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More than 14 million working days are lost to hangovers, absenteeism or alcohol related illnesses each year, No matter what industry you represent, we can equip you with breath alcohol testers that meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) mandated testing as well as any non-regulated workplace.

We specialize in guiding customers through all aspects of setting up and administering alcohol-testing programs in the workplace. Lifeloc evidential breath alcohol testers (EBTs) are DOT and NHTSA approved and included on the DOT evidential conforming products list. The Phoenix 6.0BT and EV30, are the preferred choice of Hospitals, Clinics, TPAs and safety-sensitive industries.

Phoenix 6.0BT Evidential Workplace Breath Alcohol Tester 


   ** American Made**

No other EBT is easier to use, more accurate or reliable

Figment Group, Inc. is an authorized Distributor of Portable Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing Equipment and Supplies manufactured by Lifeloc Technologies. The Lifeloc Phoenix is approved for Department of Transportation (DOT) for screening and confirmatory testing.

All testers are portable, easy to use, with a modern digital design. Lifeloc is the only Evidential Breath Tester (EBT) with Easy-Mode™ DOT Protocol and Prompts.

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Easy-Mode™ DOT Protocol and Prompts Software effortlessly guides users through the DOT testing protocol to ensure compliance and valid breath test results. The large graphic 64 character display allows Easymode™ to step users through testing, calibration and calibration checks with easy to understand prompts and alerts. No error code to remember or confuse operators.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to exchange data over short distances without physical connections and with high levels of security. This technology eliminates the need for docking stations, cables and bulky computer plug-ins. Its power requirements are lower than that of cellphones making it particularly well-suited for both in-house and on-the-go testing.

  • True Mobility…Up to 33′ wireless connectivity range
  • Secure…Encrypted data transmission between printer and unit
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation…Heated print head provides fast, clear results in any climate
  • Long Battery Life…Low power draw from the printer
  • Automatic Bluetooth Pairing…Your 6.0BT is paired with your printer before leaving the factory.  Simply turn the unit on and you are ready to print.
  • Bluetooth has security and cost advantages over infrared, Wi-Fi and cellular transmission technologies.

Compare Lifeloc’s Exclusive Features

  • EasyMode™ DOT Protocol and Prompts
  • Most affordable EBT on the market
  • Manual Override in Auto Test Mode
  • Automatic Air Blank to ensure DOT compliance
  • Error messages are provided in English not Codes
  • No special tools required to calibrate
  • Time to register a breath test result is 39 seconds
  • 250 test on-board memory
  • Technical Support is provided by ‘human contact’
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Fuel Cell warrantied for life of instrument

Phoenix 6.0 GK Kit Exclusive Features

  • Wireless, Automatic Printing
  • PermAffix Labeling System with results printed on self-adhesive, tamper evident labels
  • Onboard Barometric Pressure Sensor eliminates the need to figure out your altitude level
  • Unit has on-board reminders for Calibration and Calibration Checks—when programmed by user
  • 1-inch (2.54) platinum fuel cell with a lifetime warranty ensure long life and test reliability
  • EasyMode™ automated DOT testing Protocol
  • 250 test on-board memory
  • Convenient, self-contained carrying case
  • Results are permanent – will not fade
  • 34-Liter Dry Gas Canister and Regulator
  • Advanced Features allow you to customize the Instrument

Kit includes: Phoenix 6.0BT Evidential Breath Alcohol Tester, Bluetooth Printer, Printer Charger,1 Roll PermAffix Labels, 100 EasyTab™ Mouthpieces, 50 DOT and 50 Non-DOT Forms, User Manual, Calibration Adapter, Gas Cylinder and Regulator, Wrist Strap, 4 AA Batteries, 2 Year Deluxe Warranty, Carrying Case.

Phoenix 6.0BT Exclusive Features                                                                                                    

  • DOT and NHTSA approved with modern digital design
  • EasyMode™ software for DOT testing protocol
  • PermAffix Labeling System for convenient, wireless printing
  • Automatic Altitude Compensation
  • Bright graphic display for easy-to-read results
  • Software driven automatic features for error free testing
  • NO cables required for printing


The EV30™ is an evidential breath alcohol tester that can be for DOT and non-DOT alcohol testing. Simple to learn and easy to use the EV30 employs Lifeloc’s 1 inch platinum fuel cell sampling system. No other sampling system has a longer working life or is better suited to deep lung breath alcohol testing. The EV30 fuel cell is warrantied for the life of your instrument.

The EV30 instrument and printer are built to last. A double-sealed weather resistant display, gasket protected buttons, and a rugged housing along with conformance with international drop, shock and vibration standards assures years of reliable performance. Our newest travel cases are watertight, dust proof and crushproof with reinforced hinges and latches to protect your investment.

The EV30 thermal printer (ribbon-free) is fast and quiet. Standout features include large paper roll capacity, low paper alert, and the optional shoulder strap for mobile testing. The long-life lithium-ion battery can be recharged in the printer without the need for a separate battery charger. Lifeloc Thermalast™ archival paper easily exceeds DOT record retention requirements and provides sharp, high contrast print-outs for unambiguous interpretation whether you’re reading, faxing or scanning test results.

Features EV 30 Phoenix 6.0 Bluetooth
Platinum Fuel Cell
Battery Status Indicator & Warning
Up to 70 “on” hours
4 AA Alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Superior Passive Testing
64 Character DisplayLEDOLED
Graphs Breath Flow & Alcohol Levels
≤10 sec. Response Time
≤30 sec. Recovery Time
Detection Range: .000 to .600 BAC
Accuracy: ± .005 BAC to .100 BAC,
± 5% between .100 to .400 BAC
Size: 2.6″ x 5″ x 1.25″
Weight: 8 oz. (227 grams)
1 Year Deluxe Warranty
Automatic Deep Lung Sampling
DOT/NHTSA Approved
Automatic Testing
Manual Testing
Passive Testing
User Selectable Test Modes
Optional Protective Grip – Black or Yellow
Best in Class Operating Temperature:
32° – 130° F (0° – 55° C)
250 Test On Board Memory
Results Display: BAC or Pass, Warn, Fail
Real Time Clock
Cal/Cal Check Reminder
Cal/Cal Check Lockout
Remaining Tests or Time before Lockout
Adjustable Auto Shut-Off
Data Input Fields
AlcoMark® Software Compatible
Printing Capability
Kit Configuration
User Selectable Printer Copies (1-3)
Automatic Air Blank
Password Protection
Bluetooth Capability
Wireless Bluetooth Printing
PermAffix Secure Labeling System
Automatic Altitude Compensation
EasyMode™ Software

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