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Calibration of your Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Tester

Per Lifeloc, periodic calibration is required with any precision instrument to ensure instrument accuracy. Calibration adjusts the internal settings of a breath alcohol tester to a predetermined and known standard.

It is important that calibration instructions are followed precisely. Every time a calibration is completed a calibration check must also be done to make certain your breath alcohol tester is properly calibrated.

In order to perform a calibration on a breath alcohol tester used for evidential DOT testing, you must be trained as an Operator and Calibration Technician by a certified instructor on the specific model you are using.

For more information on being trained as an Operator and Calibration Technician on a Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Tester, please contact Teri Bucher at tbucher@figmentgroupinc.com or 219-326-8880.

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