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As with any precision instrument, periodic calibration is required to ensure instrument accuracy. Calibration adjusts the internal settings of your alcohol tester to a predetermined and known standard.

Lifeloc recommends instrument calibration at least annually to ensure test accuracy and precision. Figment Group trains you on how to perform your own calibrations manually using dry gas or wet bath calibration method or an automatic method using Lifeloc EASYCAL® calibration station.

It is important that calibration instructions are followed precisely. Every manual calibration must be followed by a manual calibration check to make certain your unit is properly calibrated. These procedures are available in detail in your Operator’s Manual. Alternatively, Lifeloc instruments can perform automatic calibration and cal checks when used with the Lifeloc EASYCAL® automatic calibration station.

If your unit is used under Department of Transportation guidelines, Lifeloc has DOT approved Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs) that will help guide you through the process. Please note that in order to perform a qualified calibration on units used for evidential DOT testing, you must be certified through Lifeloc or a qualified instructor as a factory authorized Operator and Calibration Technician on the specific model you are using.

All Lifeloc fuel cell alcohol testers may be calibrated with either Dry Gas or Wet Bath standards. Figment Group provides training and support for either calibration method.


Automatic Calibration

The Lifeloc EASYCAL® automatic calibration station fully automates Lifeloc instrument calibration and is available for use on the road or in the office for either the EV 30 or Phoenix 6.0BT.

Dry Gas Calibration

Dry Gas is most commonly used for calibration since it is both economical, convenient and portable for field use. Dry gas cannot be transported by plane in your luggage or carry-on.


The Universal Calibration Kit Includes:34 Liter Dry Gas Tank – .100 ConcentrationClose this window

• Regulator
• 2 Calibration Adaptors
• DOT Calibration Log Book
• 5 Mouthpieces
• Calibration Training CD
• Carrying Case

Close this window

 Wet Bath Calibration

Wet bath simulators require a power outlet and as such are less portable than dry gas. Wet bath kits have a higher initial cost due to the price of the simulator.  The Wet Bath Calibration Kit, includes 110/220V Digital Simulator, 6 bottles of solution, calibration pump, and calibration adapter.


Universal Dry Gas Calibration Kit
• Includes: 34L Dry Gas Tank, Regulator, Calibration Adapters (2), Calibration CD, DOT Calibration Log Book, Instructions, and Carrying Case

Dry Gas Calibration Kit
• Includes: Regulator, Calibration Adapter, and Dry Gas Tank
• Available in either 34L or 105L

Dry Gas Calibration Standard
• DOT Approved
• .100 BAC Concentration
• Available in 34L lightweight aluminum tank or 105L steel tank

Dry Gas Regulator
• For use with all Lifeloc models
• 2 Liter per minute flow

Dry Gas Cylinder Recycling Tool
• Removes valve pin from dry gas cylinders to allow for recycling
• Includes: Recycle tool, safety goggles, and instructions
• Works with 34L & 105L tanks

Calibration Adapter Kits
• For simulator or dry gas calibration connections
• Available for FC Series, EV30, Phoenix 6.0, Phoenix 6.0BT and Phoenix Classic breath alcohol testers

Wet Bath Calibration Kit
• Includes: Digital Simulator, 6 bottles of solution, calibration pump, & calibration adapter
• Alcohol solution has a minimum 1 year shelf life

Wet Bath Simulator
• Accurate, Stable Wet Bath Simulator
• Medical Grade Plastic
• Anti-corrosion
• Affordable

Certified Simulator Solution
• .100 Concentration
• Bottle contains 500ml solution
• Available as individual bottles or in an economical 6-pack
• Alcohol solution has a minimum 1 year shelf life

Calibration Pump
• For use with wet bath simulator



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