Celebrating 17 Years!

It all started on March 17, 2001, in a home-based business in La Porte, IN. One year later we were fortunate to open our first ‘real’ office where clients could visit and come for services. We have built long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with our many clients, clinic and community partners and vendors across the Midwest to whom we are truly blessed; most have been with us since the beginning. It is our dedication to customer service, no matter what it takes—-our honesty—and our doing things right the first time—that has helped us grow.

Today, our staff consists of a dedicated team of Compliance Account Representatives, Master Trainers, Certified Substance Abuse Technicians, and Administrative personnel. This growth would not be possible without being quick to adapt to changes in technology, the drug testing industry, workplace laws and changing federal regulations.

We will continue to offer clients the best, most innovative breath testing equipment and training for workplace safety testing. And as the only drug-free workplace compliance company in Indiana providing training, drug testing devices and supplies, and total compliance programs for entities covered by the Department of Transportation, we are well-positioned to continue our growth.

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