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Drug Testing at Figment Group
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Whether your organization needs routine drug and alcohol screenings to meet DOT testing requirements or as part of a comprehensive non-regulated Drug-Free Workplace Program, you can depend on Figment Group.  We are positioned to offer:

RVOH-Pic-3-300x200Urine Specimen Collections & Testing
Hair Specimen Collections & Testing
Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing
ETG/ETS 80 HOUR Testing
K-2 Spice Testing
Probation Drug & Alcohol Testing
Court Ordered Drug & Alcohol
Customized Testing Programs and Panels

On-Site Testing or Clinic Networks

Figment Group provides testing services either on-site at your location or will assist you in arranging testing through our partner clinic networks.

Our on-site testing, either Emergency or Scheduled, during business hours or after hours, 24/7.  Our Technicians travel to your work site to conduct the required testing. Our Breath Alcohol Technicians and Urine Drug Collection Technicians are trained and certified under the Department of Transportation – Part 40 – Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. This ensures that our Technicians meet the ‘gold standhair testard’ of our industry.

Our Master Trainers are proud to have served and trained over 75% of the Technicians in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

Drug Testing Panels

We will also advise you on drug testing panels that are available, types of specimens to test and what to look for to ensure that your local fees are competitive. Our goal is to help your organization stay in compliance and maintain a safe, healthy and productive workforce.

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