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Drug-Free Hoosiers

We’d like to think that drug abuse is something that happens to other people in other communities. But with 28 million Americans abusing drugs (that’s approximately one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12), substance abuse touches us all and negatively impacting safety, productivity and the competitive ability of the American workforce.

Our community is addressing this issue head on. But we can do more with your help. It’s about bringing local businesses together that share common principles and values to address this issue collectively and unbiased. It’s the grassroots efforts that you can help us deliver that are vital to changing attitudes about drug use, educating individuals about health risks, and effectively changing behaviors to make a sustainable impact.

Drug-Free Hoosiers plays an invaluable role at the local level. Our extraordinary partners tap into local drug use prevention and treatment expertise, law enforcement, spiritual leaders, school administrators, civic groups, and others to achieve what one organization could not achieve working alone.

First, Drug-Free Hoosiers is dedicated to providing you with the most current educational information on drug abuse before it impacts your workplace.

Second, we have identified resources in our region to assist employees in getting help.

Third, if you are aware of drug use in your workplace, we can together, tailor a policy and a set of processes that suit your business needs—nothing more, nothing less!

Together we have all the bases covered, no matter your workplace needs.

Drug-Free Hoosiers offers,

~ Support & guidance to ensure your policy is robust and supports your organization’s culture and values;
~ A complimentary Q&A session with your staff to introduce your policy;
~ Employee assistance referrals for employees to receive necessary help;
~ Educational workshops for employees, working parents, and supervisors;
~ Help in setting clear & consistent processes to follow;
~ Tools and information to take action when necessary and manage outcomes;
~ Substance testing panels and consulting on drugs of abuse to support your workplace program;
~ Knowledge of state workplace laws and OSHA standards related to drug testing;
~ Ongoing consulting; PLUS
~ A measurable return on investment.

Additionally, you can help businesses in your community by spreading the word about the importance of managing drug use in the workplace and our community. Stand up, and help our community fight back against substance abuse. With the right strategies, we will continue to minimize the negative effects of drug use—-decrease drug dealing, increase morale and productivity, and the financial costs to our community and businesses.

Call or E-mail us to schedule a presentation to your employees about the effects of drug and alcohol. Learn if your company is eligible for a drug-free workplace program at a reduced cost. Join the conversation and act now.

Starting July 1, 2020 we will be open for walk-in's Monday-Friday 8:00am until 4:00pm.