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Drug-Free Workplace

No organization is too small to be concerned about creating a workplace free of the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Critical and costly problems related to substance abuse can arise in any size workplace.  Figment Group will remove the hassles and worry of implementing a workplace program.


Let’s Consider the Statistics
~ 72.5% of adult illicit drug users and 90% of alcoholics work.
~ An estimated 6.5% of full-time and 8.6% of part-time workers are current illicit drug users.
~ 6.2% of adults working full-time are heavy drinkers.
~ More than 60% of adults know someone who has reported for work under the influence.
~ 33% of employees know of the illegal sale of drugs in the workplace.

An Indiana employer can receive up to a 5% discount on workers compensation insurance premium if it has a drug free workplace program.  In 1999, Indiana Law added Drug-Free Workplace Programming as a cost-saving tool for insurance underwriters to consider when determining your workers’ compensation premium.

Other states offer discounts up to 20%—check with your workers’ compensation insurance policy underwriter or visit the Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau’s Rate Table.

Are You an Employer of Choice?

Any workplace that is not drug-free is more likely to be the “employer-of-choice” for illicit drug users. Individuals within your community who cannot follow a drug-free workplace policy will look for employment at organizations that do not have a comprehensive program that includes random testing. In addition to all of the other health, safety, and security risks that can arise, no employer wants to be the “employer of choice” for people who abuse  drugs.

We can customize a Drug-Free Workplace Program that is all-inclusive or less-inclusive depending upon your organization’s goals. And of course, with over 30 years of experience, it will be as exact as any in our industry. Our Drug-Free Workplace training sessions are available both on-site and online, with a version for employees and for supervisors. Training is made-to-order so specific needs of your organization are met.

How easy is it to implement a drug-free workplace program?

  • It’s affordable – Even the smallest organization with minimal resources can support a drug-free-workplace.
  • It’s turnkey – Customization, promotion, implementation, training and follow-up
  • It’s employee-focused – Employee, Parent and Supervisor Training
  • It has content – Complete with a human resource tool kit with forms and templates

Does a Company have to test their employees?

Some employers believe that a drug-free workplace program and drug testing are the same. In fact, drug testing is only one possible component of a drug-free workplace program.  A careful assessment can show which program options offer clear advantages and are affordable and which ones are not needed at this time.

Drug testing has its place and can be helpful. It can also be a source of controversy, anxiety, and concern among employers and employees. A successful drug testing program requires careful planning, consistently applied procedures, strict confidentiality, and provisions for appeal.

What are the benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace?Pass

  • Increased safety and productivity
  • Increased attendance & employee morale
  • Lower turnaround, fewer negligent hiring
  • Lower workers comp premium, fewer claims
  • Lower healthcare insurance costs
  • Improved company culture, reputation and image

What does an effective Drug-Free Workplace Program include?

  • Defensible Policy
  • Drug/Alcohol Testing (may include Random Pool Management, hair, saliva, urine, instant or lab-based)
  • Administrative Services (may include MRO, laboratory, secure on-line results, result interpretation, access to on-line scheduling, on-site testing 24/7)
  • Employee Education
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Assistance Program/Resources for Help



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