La Porte County Company Celebrates 15 years… Managing today’s workplace for tomorrow’s workforce.

Business: Figment Group Inc
Incorporated: March 17, 2001
Owners: Jim & Mary Wellnitz, 219.326.8880
Web Site:
Address: 416 Perry Street, La Porte, IN
Awards: The Gerald I. Lamkin Innovator Award 2009, Lifeloc Technologies Award 2002-2015

Figment Group is recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a partner to businesses seeking to implement a drug-free environment.

Describe your business: We are an Indiana homegrown company that has grown from a handful of clients to 700+ and still growing. We pride ourselves in providing Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance consulting, drug and alcohol testing and Drug-Free Workplace (DFWP) services to employers, schools, government and non-profit organizations throughout the Midwest and Canada. Figment Group is blessed with employees that are able to look at things in many ways, at the same time. It is this synthesis of patterns amidst chaos, and seeing the ‘big picture’ quickly that has permitted us to sustain and grow. Our caring fosters loyalty and integrity which are key reasons why we’ve become a familiar, trusted and dependable advisor to our clients, many of whom we’ve served from the first day we opened our doors. Additionally, we are determined to offer awareness and focus our efforts on aiding school administrators, parents and community leaders expand their ongoing struggle to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

Professional background: Our team’s background includes working for healthcare and utilities in various departments including finance, safety, human resources, laboratory, marketing, and regulated gas and electric divisions. We regularly provide expert witness testimony, consulting and training programs for employers, lab technicians, Third Party Administrators, occupational health providers and others in the drug testing industry. We help many organizations to understand the audit process and its effects on their organization. We are Master Trainers who have trained over 80% of occupational health personnel in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

Personal Background of Owners: Jim was born and raised in Michigan City and attended Purdue University, graduating with a B.S. degree in business and supervision. Mary is a south side Chicago native with a MBA from the University of Notre Dame and a B.A. degree in industrial psychology from Purdue University. Both have served their community in many ways; Jim as a Fire Chief and Mary on various non-profit boards and marketing teams.

Our business philosophy: Engage the customer in a Great customer experience—good—is just not good enough. Our passions to do it right the first time shows that we care, we commit, and we deliver. We strive for ‘best-in-show’ when it comes to your products, services, employees and technology.

Biggest challenge: Although it is a challenge, we look forward to it every day; helping employers understand their responsibilities with their drug-free workplace programs and DOT compliance. Without a dedicated compliance manager, most companies look to Figment Group for guidance and expertise. We don’t just sell drug testing; we educate employers on best practices in the industry. We talk to businesses, from small to large, every day that implement drug testing without protecting themselves with comprehensive, drug-free workplace policies and procedures. It is definitely a challenge demonstrating to all businesses that having a drug-free workplace won’t break the bank; and in the long run will save them money.

Business advice: Leave a legacy…be innovative, be creative, move quickly, take risks, nurture others, and see opportunities. Our model includes others, who in their own search for purpose; see the value in giving back to their community, and leading with courage and determination. It is the courageous act of standing up, standing firm and doing the right thing; the willingness to try, to experiment with different actions, and not afraid to fail but to have the determination to see it through. And finally, serve with integrity no matter the cost.

What’s next: Our focus will continue to be on helping organizations navigate successfully through drug-free workplace laws and ever changing DOT regulations. And our No Wait in-office drug testing service and on-site testing capability are always in demand from employers, schools and families. We are excited to launch two new products in the near future that will change the landscape of drug-free prevention and safety programming. Realistically, the best we can do is to improve the quality of life with our God-given talents; and this includes innovation and creativity.

Thank you to our 700+ clients for 15 remarkable years! We wouldn’t be here without you!

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