Your Go-To Expert

Figment Group is your go-to expert to create a customized substance abuse policy. Most drug-free workplace policies need revision to meet new guidelines, drug-free workplace laws, and Department of Transportation regulations. Figment Group can build your company’s policy from the ground up, or we will review your current policy for compliance.

Every Drug-Free Workplace Program, regulated or non-regulated, begins with the development of a defensible policy, which is the critical document for implementing your program. Every organization’s policy should be unique and tailored to meet its specific needs.

Your Written Policwritingy Serves As an Operational Handbook
When done correctly, this document is now used to guide program implementation and evaluation. It is also helpful to have a procedure to guide supervisors as needed so that their actions are not effected by emotion, and all staff must be educated regarding how a situation should be handled. Operating “by the book” and following the written policy allows everyone to be dealt with on an objective, uniform basis, without negating compassion and consideration.

It pays to ensure your company has a comprehensive substance abuse policy that stays compliant and current with DOT regulations and state laws.  It is your #1 defense against substance abusers who use health insurance and worker’s compensation at a rate of up to eight times the national average.

Additionally, Figment Group continues to keep your company current and up-to-date on changes to laws and regulations that impact substance abuse testing. You can be rest assured that we either know the answers or can find the answers that nobody else can.


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