We provide student drug testing services in the most confidential manner with the least disruption to the school schedule. Confidentiality is a major concern with students and their parents. We avoid using local laboratories to ensure the strictest confidentiality. Failure to protect our children from drug use and addiction is unacceptable. Figment Group can help you explore all the issues, legalities, and pros and cons of student drug testing.

The purpose of random testing programs is not to punish students, but to help those in need become drug-free and prevent others from becoming drug dependent. A positive drug test result should be seen by parents and school administrators as means to intervene with not-yet-dependent students and get drug-dependent students into effective treatment. Too many times we see both parents and administrators ‘look the other way’ so they do not have to face up to or confront an already chronic health problem among our youth.

Why Support a Drug-Free School?drug-ads

  • Drug testing is a proven deterrent to drug use.
  • Testing gives students a tangible excuse to say No to peers who use drugs.
  • Students and faculty report a more positive morale in school.
  • Teachers report a safer school atmosphere and reduced violence.

Student testing should be designed to reduce the use of illegal drugs by students. Few positives mean the student testing program is working, rather than not working. On the other hand, for schools that identify a larger amount of positives does not mean the student testing program is not working. Every single positive drug result is an opportunity to intervene to help a student and their family to get the help they need.

Random testing is not, in itself, a complete program of drug abuse prevention. However, it is one valuable component to an effective comprehensive prevention program.  Programs must be customized based on need, expectations, circumstances, budget, parent, child and teacher input, community impact, and many, many other criteria. There is no cookbook recipe applicable to all schools…much less all school systems. Therefore, as you explore the impact of school drug testing, we work with you and within your budget to address this #1 health problem.