Random drug and alcohol testing is an effective way to deter drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace. If your company’s current testing program is not having the desired results of reducing absenteeism and you’re experiencing positive test results overall, or if you must comply with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, a modified random drug and alcohol testing program is the right thing to do.


How Does Random Selection Work

A percentage of the total pool of employees is tested annually, with each employee having the exact same chance of being selected (or not) with every random draw made.

To ensure defensibility, we use a computer-generated program using approved algorithms to perform selections and follow industry best practices to ensure a successful random program. We select on a quarterly or monthly basis from your employee active roster ensuring that you are kept as a neutral party to the random selections.  We also manage all record-keeping, ensuring that the random drug screening process maintains its objectivity.

Notification Letters outlining the random selections are e-mailed or faxed to you confidentially so you can manage the testing process as you desire. We will provide standard MIS Reports as required by DOT or we can customize reports to meet your non-regulated human resource needs.

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