Our trainers specialize in Lifeloc equipment certification and offer Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) and Lifeloc Master Trainer

Urine Collection Training and related alcohol and drug courses. All are certified Lifeloc Master Trainers.

New and Refresher Breath Alcohol Technician Training on Lifeloc breath testers and Urine Collection Training are offered with our curriculum consisting of onsite or web training, exam, mock testing and certification.

The U.S. DOT Model Course (49 CFR Part 40) as published by the Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy and Compliance requires Breath Alcohol Technicians (Operators or BATs) to be trained according to a specific curriculum.phoenix6btGripSliderLarge

Breath Alcohol Technician ~ This course teaches an individual how to perform as a Certified Breath Alcohol Technician. Course covers in detail 49 CFR Part 40-Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. Areas covered include requirements for alcohol testing personnel, proper testing procedures for screening and confirmation tests, test site and equipment requirements, Department of Transportation (DOT) documentation requirements, correctible and fatal errors made in alcohol tests, and what causes an alcohol test to be cancelled. Seven error-free mock breath tests will be performed and documented using your breath alcohol testing device. The course meets requirements of DOT Certification and is valid for 5 years. A BAT Certificate is issued. **Online self-study course is an option**

Breath Alcohol Technician Train-the-Trainer ~ This course covers all material presented in the Breath Alcohol Technician course, plus teaches the individual how to instruct the Breath Alcohol course. Areas covered include substance abuse policies, signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse, problems associated with individuals being tested and how the handle them, and specific forms to correct flaws made in the testing process. Error Correction training requirements are reviewed and required documentation. Documentation requirements of the DOT for certification of Breath Alcohol Technicians are reviewed and copies of specific forms are provided. Certificate is valid for 5 years. BAT and BAT Trainer Certificates are issued. **Online self-study course is an option**

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Figment Group, Inc. provides all course materials, including training manuals, handouts, required documentation, examinations and certificate(s). Mileage is invoiced at $0.585 per mile and overnight accommodations are invoiced at actual expense. Certificates are issued after payment has been received for the course work.

With Figment Group’s certified Master Trainers managing your testing programs, you will be free to focus on your core business.  Click the Request Training link below to request training for your company.

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