What to look for when DOT Drug Test Results are Reported on an MRO Report

If your MRO (Medical Review Officer) does not report test results using Copy 2 of the CCF, you must receive a written report (e.g., a letter) and the Employer Copy of the CCF (Copy 3) for each test result.  If the MRO Report is missing any of the items below, you will need to contact your Testing Site to have the results corrected.

An MRO Report must, as a minimum, include the following information:

  • Full name, as indicated on the CCF, of the employee tested
  • Specimen ID number from the CCF and the donor SSN or employee ID number
  • Reason for the test, as indicated on the CCF (e.g., random, post-accident)
  • Date of the collection
  • Date the MRO received Copy 2 of the CCF
  • Result of the test (i.e., positive, negative, dilute, refusal to test, test cancelled) and the date the result was verified by the MRO
  • For verified positive tests, the drug(s)/metabolite(s) for which the test was positive
  • For cancelled tests, the reason for cancellation
  • For refusals to test, the reason for the refusal determination (e.g., in the case of an adulterated test result, the name of the adulterant)
  • MRO’s name, address, and phone number
  • The name of any person other than the MRO reporting the results, their initials and the date the report is released
  • If stamped with a signature, it must be initialed by the MRO’s assistant

Is the MRO listed on the results certified to sign DOT Drug Test Results?  You can check if a MRO is certified at aamro or mrocc.

You should never receive a LAB REPORT for DOT Urine Drug Test Results

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