What to look for when DOT Drug Test Results are Reported on the Custody and Control Form

If you say NO to any of these, contact your Testing Site to have them correct the error and send you corrected results.

  •  Does the top of the form say “Federal”?
  •  Is your Company Name correct and STATED in Section A? This should NOT be the testing site’s information.  It must be your company’s name per the regulations.
  •  Is the Reason for Test marked correctly in Section E?
  •  Is the DOT Testing Authority marked correctly in Section D?
  •  Is the Donor’s Information (Name and ID number (last 4 digits of SSN) correct in Section C?
  •  Is the Temperature checked in Step 2?
  •  Did the Donor Sign and Date in Step 5?
  •  Did the Collector Technician sign and date in Step 4?
  •  Is the Result of the Drug Test clearly marked on Copy 2 (MRO Copy) of the Custody and Control Form (CCF)?
  • Did the MRO sign Copy 2 of the Custody and Control Form (CCF)? FYI: Copy 2 is the MRO Copy.  The result should ONLY be noted on Copy 2 NOT Copy 3.

You should never receive a LAB REPORT for DOT Urine Drug Test Results

If your collection site is making errors frequently, contact Figment Group at 219-326-8880 and we will assist you in finding a new collection site.

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